Custom print saddle pad

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Custom print saddle pad

In Many Styles and Sizes, 's of prints and themes to choose from. Limited only by your imagination and the fabric stores! Each saddle pad or blanket is made only after it has been ordered. We do not offer pre-made items. This gives us the ability to customize each saddle pad for your wants and needs.

We have built many different types of saddle pads, trail saddle pads, draft horse as well as pony sized saddle pads, English and Western saddle pads with pockets, Dressage saddle pads, cutback saddle pads, barrel racing saddle pads, Calvary saddle pads, Parade saddle pads. We have made contour saddle pads in both English and western styles.

Embroidery designs are also built in house. Mouse over the links on the left side of the pad. Please call or email, if you need more information. Our new hours We will be open later to asnwer your questions. Local Embroidery shop is closed Dec 24 - Jan 4 Welcome to R9. WhatsNew View Our Calvary saddle pads! CurrentNews We just added Polo Wraps sets.

View Cart. Navigating our site Mouse over the links on the left side of the pad. Contact Us Question, Suggestion or Idea? Contact us about it Extras Need pockets, Velcro keepers, or Extra padding? We have you covered.The measures are taken along back and down one side.

A Forward seat saddle pad measures 22X This saddle pad is shaped like the English saddle. An Olympic saddle pad is also known as an All Purpose saddle pad. This saddle pad has squared back corners so this style will really show of the print you have choosen. A Dressage sized saddle pad measures 24X24 or 26X These pads fit a larger english saddle.

It is shaped like the Olympic saddle pad but larger. Dovetail saddle pads vary is sizes depend on your needs. Embroidery Adding embroidery to your english saddle pad will really make you stand out! We can added your name, your horses name, ranch brand even farm logos. The letter ranges from 1 inch to 2 inches depending on the amount of lettering you want visible.

There are 2 main places to embroidery on any english saddle pad: Both back corners vertical or horizontal If you choose to have your saddle pad embroidered, please make sure you pick and contrasting color. If you have a black and white zebra printed saddle pad, you would NOT want to use black or white thread or the name and logo will just get lost on the saddle pad's print.

Embroidery shows up best on the Dressage or Olympic saddle pads. The Forward seat pad can be embroidered but the saddle pad tends to hide it from view. If you have added pockets to you saddle pad, We can embroider the pocket flaps or pocket fronts as well as across the back of your saddle pad.

R9 has been adding pockets directly to saddle pads for years. It is a really great way to carry things you need on that long trail ride.

custom print saddle pad

The wonderful thing about having pockets sewn directly onto the saddle pad is you can use the pockets instead of saddle bags that need would be tied onto a saddle.

Plus, these pockets will not flop around like saddle bags do. Pockets can be make in any size. R9's haves a couple of differernt types of pockets for english saddle pads. The larger size is roomy 4X10X12 4 inches deep, 10 inches tall and 12 inches wide. The pockets are held closed by 2 one inch snaps. The smaller flat V front expanedable english pockets.

If you decide to add pockets to your custom saddle pad, we always suggest adding a few inches across the back to the saddle pad. This will help prevent your pockets from being too high on the pad as you really would not want the saddle interfering with the pockets functional use.

R9's standard english saddle pad comes with 1 layers of batting. If you would like the saddle pad to be thicker, we can add 1 extra layer or 2 of batting. The trim is webbing on the outside edge of your saddle pad.

R9 offers quite a lot of different colors for you to choose from! Simply choose the trim color you like best and then a color that matches your saddle pad print.We also know to fulfill our mission, we need to do MORE than just manufacture a saddle pad.

Educating and communicating with our customers and the horse community about good saddle and saddle pad fit is something we take very seriously. CSI Saddle Pads are trusted by top rodeo athletes, competitors, performers, clinicians and trainers because these industry professionals know how important it is to keep their equine partners healthy, comfortable and performing at the top of their game. Follow on Instagram This error message is only visible to WordPress admins Error: The account for csisaddlepads needs to be reconnected.

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Choose your pads shape. Choose the one that fits your specific needs the best. Choose your length. Remember, our pads are individually hand made, so the length may vary PLUS each pad is contoured so please take into account that the measurement of 32 or 30 inches is at the wear leather, not the backstrap.

Choose your liner thickness and style. The inside layer velcros out for easy replacement and cleaning. This layer acts as the shock absorber. Now, comes the fun part! STEP 5. Right in the heartland of Missouri.

Saddle Pads

Our Team takes pride in the product they produce. Build Your Saddle Pad Now. Follow on Instagram. This error message is only visible to WordPress admins Error: The account for csisaddlepads needs to be reconnected. STEP 1 Choose your pads shape. STEP 2 Choose your length. STEP 3 Choose your liner thickness and style.

STEP 4 Now, comes the fun part! Shop Now! Create a new list.I love my 5 star pad because it literally makes my horse smile! It is the only pad I have used that truly fits my horse's back.

Elvis would rear up and become upset when I used my other pad. I recommend your products to everyone I meet. I honesty will NEVER go back to using impact gel, because they made my horses sore and hindered their performance.

Thanks for providing the horse industry with a pad they can trust for the next years to come. I had my saddle taken in to check fit and they recommended your company. This contoured his back so well it improved how my saddle fit his back. We haven't had problems since! I love that I got to customize my pad making it unique to me. Thanks for making such a quality product! I struggled with saddle fit with my mare for almost a year.

My mare is running harder, clocking better, and is overall happier and more relaxed. Welcome to 5 Star Equine Products, Inc.! We're a family-owned and operated manufacturer of the world's finest, all-natural saddle pads and mohair cinches.

Customize your Pad.

custom print saddle pad

Toggle navigation. Sign up to Receive Special Offers. Select your disciplines:. Custom Wool 5 Star Saddle Pads.

The Extreme Barrel Racer We are here for your horse! Quick Links Terms Privacy Sitemap. We're Here to Help.Call us now! A must have for the discriminating rider. Medium weight pads available in various colors. We also carry Pony Pads. Skinny polos for the fashionable snug fit. Hats: Hats and Visors are a must have for those hot summer days. They come in structured and unstructured styles. They are a high quality baseball type cap which can match your shirt and saddle pad. This makes the caps a FUNctional and fashionable accessory.

Tote Bags We are offering a variety of Tote Bags, perfect for the barn, shows or for everyday use. Mask is removable when the pad needs to be cleaned. Dirt wipes off and a damp cloth brings it back to new! Dozens of colors! Brings a new and unusual look to standard embroidered designs. This material is used in our tack trunk covers as well as rider and horse clothing. The embroidered pony with crystal eyes and hooves decorated the right side.

The left side of the pad is a design which was inspired by one of the Prince's Royal Stallions. It was digitized to the likeness of this great horse. We also made 2 hats with 2 different profiles of this great stallion. A customized Western saddle pad was made for him as well.

We placed green crystals in the shamrocks for a little extra bling. Pad is trimmed in a velvet ribbon with emerald cut crystals. This comes in select colors. This gemstone pad is available in select colors and designs. Here we used a variety of crystal embellishments to create different looks. In your choice of colors. Trim is a pink bezel set crystal for a regal touch. Trim crystals come in several colors. As with all of the pads, a clear vinyl shield covers the girth area to protect the trims.

We can create your school colors, mascots and emblems with your name or monogram on any of our fashion items. This design has a gold and purple rope with gold metallic piping. All pads can be designed with your trim colors, trim styles and font choice. One name or monogram included. Logos or designs can be added. Please contact us for a quote. It has a double trim boarder and is 'shadow' embroidered with the horse's name.

We can put any color combination together to create a uniquely personal look.This world class product is pushing the envelope of saddle pads. Every Impact Gel saddle pad includes gel technology bladders. The semi-solid Impact Gel has incredible shock absorption properties because of how energy is transferred and dissipated through the molecular structure of the gel. Energy flows horizontally through the gel away from the impact location, similar to ripples on the surface of a pond.

Impact Gel pads are unsurpassed in relieving pressure points caused by a poor fitting saddle — a major cause of white spots. The benefit from this is the horse stays fresher longer and performs better. The technology and fit of Impact Gel saddle pads was perfected and has been a first choice for riders for fifteen years. The gel bladders are shaped and situated to fit under the bars of the saddle and keep pressure off the spine.

The craftsmanship of the saddle pad includes a cutout at the withers providing free range of motion, cut away at the billet for perfect rigging, and contour cut along the spine for maximum fit.

The wool blend of the saddle pad is moisture wicking and allows air between the pad and horse, improving circulation. Impact Gel saddle pads are hand crafted in Wisconsin and built to last. Impact Gel is unaffected by extreme temperatures. Our unique wool blend wicks moisture and is incredibly durable. Heavy duty wear leathers are made with fresh-prepared hides which can maintain their properties at least 50 years. After searching and searching and searching for the right pad, I sprung the cash and bought an Impact Gel.

Best decision I ever made.


Spring the cash if you want your horse and yourself comfortable. This saddle pad has been amazing for my horse. The horse before this pad would always get a sore back after riding all day, and with this pad he doesn't at all.

I love how it's versatile for both my round skirt barrel saddle and my square skirt all around saddle.

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The fit is perfect and this pad lasts forever not wearing down like other brands pads. I am 56 years young.

I use it. I don't think any other saddle pad can compete with the Impact Gel saddle pad. Impact Gel is a patented material made of interconnected energy dissipating molecules. These structures, called cross-links, allow the gel molecules to move freely around one another while remaining linked.

custom print saddle pad

This absorbs and dissipates force of impact and pressure points associated with inconsistencies of saddle fit. Close menu.

Welcome to R9

Contour Classic. Design a Custom Saddle Pad. Specialty Fit. Specialty Rider. Seasonal Specials. Gift Cards. Close cart. Shop Now. Impact Gel is designed to be different.

Tired of uncomfortable rides filled with soreness afterwards? Our most popular saddle pads. Endless possibilities.Padded Leather Halter "We couldn't be happier with the quality and service, product has impressed everyone - especially the softness of the leather and all round strength of the halter. Glitter Comfort Curry "Its the 7th item we've ordered from Lucky Pony and we havent been dissapointed once.

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Item was as described and began using it on Sampson right away. Quality was great.

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Nylon Lunge Cavesson Looking forward to spring, I needed a new lunging cavesson. Pleased also with swift delivery.

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Whether your horse is a family pony you love to show off in holiday halters, a Quarter Horse soon-to-be halter champion that needs a great training halter to get them there, a OTTB hunter in need of an few stylish pads for riding lessons, a beloved veteran schoolmaster who deserves a little bling, or a champion dressage warmblood that needs professional grade equipment, we have unique and specialized tack just right for you and your horse.

Can't find what you are looking for? Contact Us! Please Wait. Unlike most tack stores, we specialize in unique tack! We know you ride for FUN, and we think tack and equipment can be an expression of your personal style. We are proud to be an American small business supporting American workers and American manufacturing by sourcing our products from US manufacturers whenever possible.

USA made tack is high quality, and quality never counts more than when it comes to the safety of you and your horse. Browse a few customer favorites: Horse Halters Pastels are hot and we have mint green, baby blue, icy pink, cool lilac, and tons more colors! Exclusive Items Dozens of items you'll find only at LuckyPony. Pony Paint Stand out from the crowd with Pony Paint- the only paint specifically formualted for fur!

Hug Sheets Nothing fits like a hug! Discover the blanket that will END blanket rubs for good. Saddle Covers Keep your saddle safe and in style with our exclusive saddle covers. Ultimate Custom Nylon Halter Customize every part of this halter. Build a luxury halter, or create a basic economical halter.

Recent Reviews: Padded Leather Halter "We couldn't be happier with the quality and service, product has impressed everyone - especially the softness of the leather and all round strength of the halter. Subscribe to our enewsletter! Quick View.


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