Maplestory m cubing guide

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Maplestory m cubing guide

I noticed something that is every year, every month, everyday there will be maplers searching for MapleSEA training guide. But one important thing to note is that MapleSEA updates almost every month.

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Since it is a constantly changing thing like old maps, new maps. Training guide need to be constantly changing too. Hence this page will serve as a forever training guide for all the maplers forever. If there is a new map coming out or better training grounds, I will update this guide. This will be on another page. This page will be solely on training your mules or your maple character from level 1 onwards.

There are multiple ways to train. Best is your have perm hyper teleport rock here. Hand also tired, neck also pain, so if you want, you just train every 15mins with rune. Then go watch YouTube. Method 4 Level 90 - Normal zakum go queue on ch 1. You can up 6 levels from level with rune and HS.

Actually you can enter here at level 90 already. Warped path time 3 give you 10k exp. Goblin get 7k EXP but bain 18k. Therefore, bain is better. Method 6 Spent 3 nights to play hrs every night lv Red Golem Henesys lv Kindly click Ellinel dungeon bulbclick click talk talk to npc should have level once until it ask u to hunt etc. After this go gold beachany map will do or just follow quest. Let's Talk! Look for Party Boss Fight in game!

Kerning Tower SF Map see those with the star on the map? Method 2. Test Your Luck! Korean MS Blogs insoya maple. Private Server RageZone Forum.Shows the overall efficiency of your character. Sign In. From MapleStory M Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. Combat Power CP Shows the overall efficiency of your character. For the exact same stats, a higher level character will have a lower CP. However, levelling will also provide a small amount of ATK and HP which will offset this if your equipments are not too strong, otherwise stats are still gained but CP will dropas well as MP that does not affect CP.

Crit Rate - Increases the success rate of a critical hit. Critical Rate increases with your character level, at a decreasing rate.

Item Types and Ranks

Added to ATK. Hit Chance Affects the chance of landing a hit successfully on an enemy. It is affected by Accuracy and Penetration Rate. Accuracy ACC - Increases the chance of an attack landing on the opponent.

It increases with your character level, at a decrrasing rate. Penetration Rate PEN rate - Increases the fixed chance of penetrating piercing a block the opponent's evasion to land a hit on it. Crit RES - Increases the success rate of critical resistance.

Evasion Affects the chance of you nullifying damage dealt by an enemy. It is affected by Evasion and Block. EVD - Increases the chance of evading the opponent's attack. EVD increases with your character level, at a decreasing rate.

Block Rate - This stat increases the fixed chance that enemies' attacks will be blocked.

MapleStory Inner Ability

HP stat - Hit Points. A character's health. MP stat - Mana Points. A character's mana. Increasing this stat raises the overall health of a character. Increasing this stat raises the overall mana of a character. EXP Increase - Increases the amount of experience gained through killing monsters. Meso Acquisition Rate Increase - Increases the amount of mesos rewarded from monster kills.

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Item Drop Rate Increase - Increases the rate at which items drop when killing monsters. Reduces the distances a character is knocked back when taking any kind of damage.Dexless, Maplestory Guides and More!

Tags: cubing familiar farming kanna meso potentials reboot yu garden. Best Answer VectorFeb 7, Just gonna add on to Fill's reply, which is already comprehensive. Like he said, Mysterious Path 3 is your best bet.

maplestory m cubing guide

It currently offers higher rates Go to Full Post. Zelkova Moses Pl0x. So despite being like a community leader person whatever I amI kind of quit playing MS for about 2 years.

I'm picking up Reboot but am having some trouble getting "funded". I need to farm meso to get cubes to farm meso better. I'm sure this is not news to any active player. My question is how can I better farm meso in Reboot? My current setup is: - Level Kanna at Byebye. Is it only accessories? How can I obtain more Epic Potential scrolls? I'm currently doing my Yu Garden dailies on my Kanna so I can get that meso obtain gear faster. Best Answer: Post by VectorFeb 7, Fill Newb.

Maplestory Reboot Cubing Guide

You're pretty much set to start farming. Only accessories are able to get that potential line. I prefer mp3 over byebye. Set kishin on top, tele between mid and bot plats spamming demon fury and spirit corral. When you want to loot top, set kishin on bottom before moving up. When you're just starting out you should spend all your earnings after every session trying to cube a piece of meso gear since that'll increase the speed at which you get to cube another piece until you're done and ready to start funding your main.

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Zelkova likes this. Vector Witchhunter. The advantage of ByeBye is it's an instanced mini dungeon, so you can find a spot easily during 2x if other maps are taken.

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Leprechaun familiar is fine for meso farming. I personally preferred Big Spider for the additional drop rate to obtain nebulites, but since you just need mesos right now you should stick with Leprechaun.

There's also the Eye of Time which can stay out longer, but is much rarer to obtain. Fill's advice for accessories is spot on. Regarding cubes, I suggest using Master Craftsman Cubes 7. Save up honor while meso farming, prioritize your accessories, and once those are finished you can perfect the IA. You could yolo to legendary with honor, but I suggest using the Miracle Circulators because they don't drop tiers and you usually get to legendary within 10 attempts.

You can also obtain them from elite boss bonus rewards and the legion coin shop, but those are much less efficient eboss is rng and legion coins are better spent on other things like meso buffs. If there is an event going on with a coin shop, there's usually a pack of epots that might be worth considering if you're in dire need of them and there are no other Best-in-Slot priorities.

But really just stay on top of your Yu Garden dailies. To save time, skip the tedious ones so you can meso farm more. My final advice is to just hang in there.Last Updated on August 25, The mobile version of MapleStory, MapleStory M has just arrived for Android on Google Play Store and challenges you to defeat the elite bosses in elite dungeons, face the powerful waves of mushrooms, snails, and many more creatures.

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MapleStory M game features a number of game modes such as story- questdungeondaily events, expedition, Mu Lung Dojo, and many more. In MapleStory M game, the very first step you have to do is select the best character class the class guide is mentioned below.

You can play with one character at a time. The game offers you to create multiple characters in different character slots. You can switch, delete, change anytime on the character selection screen. All you need to do is tap the quest and the character will automatically do the job for you.

Completing the quest grants a bunch of items to the character; for instance; powder, EXP, Mesos, equipment, pets, and much more. Unlike story-quest, in these game modes, you battle against powerful elite monsters and earn precious items such as the rare weapon, armor, and items; gold leaf, exp, and Mu Lung. All the items can be acquired by playing the game; read the resources guide below for more details.

So these are some basic MapleStory M tips for the beginners. Also, see — Best adventure games for Android. The guide explains you about the characters, skills, weapons, forging, pets, and much more.

Make sure to check out everything. MapleStory M game offers you to choose one character class or job when you start the game; there are five jobs or character classes or characters. Dark Knight is a defensive character in MapleStory M game. The defense and HP stats of this character are very good in comparison to other character classes. With warrior leap skills, you can dodge the enemy attacks; double jump. Along with HP and defense states, Dark Knight is also good at dealing damage.

maplestory m cubing guide

As you level up, Dark Knight will gain the passive skill that increases its damage power by a massive amount. Night Lord is an assassin type character in MapleStory M game.

Since it is of Assassin type, you can guess its speed. The fast speed advantage helps the Night Lord in dodging the enemy attacks, moving fast. But its attack and defense power is low in comparison to Dark Knight.

And unlike Bishop, Night Lord lacks the ability to recover the mana or HP, so you will need to use potions. Bow Master is an archer type character in MapleStory M game who attack enemies from a distance. But damage power is good. The Passive Skill of bow master will help you in dealing critical damage to the enemies.

Corsair is also a range-class character in MapleStory M game who uses a gun to attack enemies.If you've gotten your hands on at least one piece of equipment ranked Epic or higher in MapleStory Myou may have a piece or two with Potential. An item with Potential can have extra stats added to it, and you don't have to settle for just any ol' stats. Using consumables called Cubes, you can push a piece of equipment to have up to three extra stats, which you can reroll using further Cubes.

It's a grind, but you can do it. You are able to use gear's potential as long as it is rated between Epic and Mythic. The colors for each rank is as follows:. You must first unlock an item's Potential before you are able to access those extra stats. I'm not sure about the cost for other tiers of equipment, but for my latest Unique gloves, it cost 50, Mesos. You can unlock Potential via looking at the item's details and tapping the button to unlock Potential at the bottom of the frame.

Once you unlock your equipment's Potential, you can see its extra stats and gauge whether they're what you want. Potential itself has a rankwith three ranks possible from Rare to Unique.

The higher the rarity of the Potential itself, the better the stats. This is another factor to consider along with the rarity of the item. Let's say you've only got two Potential stats and you want three, or maybe you just don't like the stats you've got. What do you do then?

Get to rerolling via Cubes. This can be done under the Change Option tab in the Forge menu. I am not sure how Black Cubes work as I haven't had an opportunity to use them but there are a few tidbits I can share with you about Red and Occult Cubes. If Black Cubes are anything like they are in regular MapleStorythey should allow you to lock a stat when rerolling so you don't completely change up your Potential.

But I cannot confirm this for MapleStory M. What the above essentially equates to is that Occults are best used first. The problem with that is, again, you need Occult Cubes per reroll. You can buy a pack of 99 Occult Cubes in the Gold Leaf Shop, but let's talk about how you can get them otherwise.However, bonus potentials will not be cover in this blog.

The reason is because to reroll bonus pots, you have to spend maple points or NX to buy the cube that is used only for bonus pot from cash shop. I'm actually interested to know more about absolab equips vs tyrant CRA equips. If you could do a post on that, that would be awesome.

I'm not sure if i should ditch my fafnir for absolab :weary: :weary: :weary:. Also, in regards to your question, I'll recommend tyrant cra equips than absolab caz they're not cheap. Same here. I started unfunded and am still unfunded and shit poor :anguished: :joy:but i got an absolab weapon from the override stuff.

MapleStory M: How to Level Up Fast

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Potential scrolls are use to upgrade or give potential lines on an equipment. Potential stamps are use to increase the potential lines of an equipment max 3 lines. Likes Comments Like Zentle Author. Updated, epic pot scroll can also obtained from npc Zarak in shaolin temple. Updated, advanced potential scrolls and potential stamps can also receive from cube fragments. Teemo G-Khora. Read one more reply. Reply to: Zentle Same here. Reply to: Teemo Geeeeeez. NCrow [S-Gemini]. Gms and msea had almost same ways to get scroll pot except for commerci.

Just added into the blog.

maplestory m cubing guide

Profaine G-Bera. Maybe someday :p. Into Maplestory? Join the community. Get App. More from Zentle. Cookie Policy This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.Play MapleStory Now. Violet Cubes are used to reset revealed Potential stats on equipment items. They have a lower chance to rank up potentials compared to other cubes, but in return you will get a list of potentials to select from.

This gives you greater control over customization. Items with 2 potentials will allow you to select from 4 potentials. Items with 3 potentials will allow you to select from 6 potentials. Items with hidden Potential on them are most commonly obtained as drops from monsters, from event rewards or coin shops, if you transform them yourself using a Potential Scroll or Tim's Secret Lab, or if items with Potential are fused.


Each Violet Cube can only be used once. This item is only sold during special promotions in the Cash Shop. Obtain an item that has revealed Potential stats. Enter the Cash Shop and purchase a Violet Cube or a bundle thereof. Double-click the Violet Cube in your cash Inventory to move it to your item inventory, then exit the Cash Shop. Double-click the Violet Cube in the Cash tab of your item inventory, and then click on the item with revealed Potential.

Now you can select from a list of Potentials you want to keep. By Aletai Nov 22, MapleStory. Price 30 : 90, NX.


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