Should i wait for rtx 3080

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Should i wait for rtx 3080

It will be based on a new process node built by Samsung and is expected to offer performance far in excess of that offered by the current series of Nvidia GPUs.

After somewhat lackluster sales of RTX cards, Nvidia probably wants to change that with its next-generation graphics, along with the current perception of ray tracing. That could mean something quite exciting for the next generation. That typically means towards the end of the first half, or at the very soonest, sometime in Q2. The new architecture could also allow for price reductions.

Nvidia nor Samsung have detailed the advancements that can and have been made with the drop to 7nm EUV, but they should deliver higher clock speeds, and greater power efficiency, which Nvidia could then leverage for reduced power draw and heat output, or further performance improvement. That seems likely, as a drop from 12nm to 7nm, not to mention using the new EUV process, should give Nvidia plenty of room to boost the capabilities of the cards.

Ultimately, it seems likely that Ampere will deliver at least a modest performance improvement over Turing.

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should i wait for rtx 3080

The most-viewed YouTube videos of all time 20 hours ago. How to take a screenshot on a Windows PC 20 hours ago. How to download music from YouTube 20 hours ago. Why delaying the Surface Neo to was the only way Microsoft could save it 19 hours ago.Nvidia has great plans for Nvidia has been the undisputed champion of the GPU market for a long time now. In this article, we will discuss all that we know so far about the next generation of GeForce, particularly the flagship RTX Ti.

This will include the possible specs, the release date and the price. It almost made you feel like your life was incomplete without it. But did they really deliver?

should i wait for rtx 3080

Ray tracing is a rendering technique in computer graphics capable of producing images that look a lot more realistic than do the images generated by traditional scanline rendering techniques.

It achieves this tracing the path of the light ray as pixels in the plane where the image is generated, in turn creating genuine looking effects of the light interacting with the objects in the frame.

But the ray tracing feature of the RTX 20 was almost a sad thing. It was the opinion of most that the ray tracing technology in the RTX 20 was not quite there yet. So it is no surprise that Nvidia are using this feature to distinguish its next gen GPUs from its predecessor. Nvidia claims that thanks to the new architecture of the RTX 30 GPUs, there will be a massive improvement in ray tracing performance.

Another major focus for Nvidia is apparently Rasterization. Nvidia has always been revered for being more proficient in this area compared to its rival, AMD. Graphics professionals have relied on this feature in their designs for a long time. And with video games getting more and more complex and realistic, Nvidia is looking to up the game.

With its next gen Ampere GPUs, Nvidia wants to improve on the tile-based rasterization they first pioneered with their Maxwell architecture and then improved with their current Turing architecture. It is truly an exciting time for the whole gaming community: both developers and gamers alike. We are officially entering the next generation of video gaming next year, with Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5 having been announced for the holiday seasons.

The games are going to look more realistic than ever and Nvidia wants to lead the way. Not only will this new architecture allegedly help the new GPUs run at least MHz faster than the current gen of Turing GPUs, but they will also be a lot more power efficient. We are talking about sub 1. And as soon we find something interesting, we promise to let you know.

And they claim that the first batch of these cards, including the RTXwill be released around the time of Computex in June. Nvidia are in no hurry to roll these new GPUs out.

They are very well positioned in the market with their current gen of GPUs, particularly with those at the highest end, the RTX and Ti. This will be followed by the more mid-range RTX and a few months later. According to an industry expert, Nvidia originally had plans to introduce the Ampere based GPUs at the beginning of the year.

But the date was later pushed to March. Nvidia is expected to release only high-end GPUs at the start. This is because the 7nm process on which the Ampere architecture is based is not expected to be mature enough right away to be able to support production of mid-range and consumer-range cards at volume. But whether this will affect the whole stack or just the high-end cards is yet to be seen. So, to summarize, Nvidia is looking to start the 20s with a bang.

More accurately, just how messy it is.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Shadow of the Tomb Raider Store Page. Global Achievements. So what should i do? Showing 1 - 9 of 9 comments. You could always wait for nVidia's new "Super" line up, but I imagine it will have super prices to match On the other hand, since you are considering 2 Ti's, money seems to be no object.

I'd say wait for the ti so we don't have to tolerate this inane drivel.

should i wait for rtx 3080

The next top end card probably isn't going to be released until the 7nm refresh which is slated for sometime according to reports. According to user reports, 2 ti's with max settings can maintain 60fps at 4k. Haven't prices shot up with the Chinese trade tariffs in force right now? Might be a bad time to get a new card period, unless you can find one at a decent price. Originally posted by kcthebrewer :.

Originally posted by tunnelcat :. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 16 Jun, am. Posts: 9.

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Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. View mobile website.We don't know any concrete details on the Ampere GPU itself, which is something NVIDIA will deep dive into once it's announced -- but there are a few very juicy tidbits here that if true, would be great to see.

Nvidia Ampere graphics cards: Everything we know so far

These cards are going to be faster, offer more VRAM, and hell they're even reportedly going to be cheaper. Another area where Ampere will receive some big upgrades is Rasterization, which blended in with the advancements in ray tracing on Ampere, we will have enough power to render next-gen graphics and next-gen worlds in games.

When it comes to clock speeds we should also expect Ampere-based cards to have between MHz GPU clock speed uplifts versus Turing, all while being more power efficient thanks to the new Ampere GPU architecture and the fact that's on 7nm.

NVIDIA has had really great power efficiency since Pascal, and went right into Turing with improved power efficiency and that's on larger 14nm and 12nm nodes. Rumor has it the new Ampere GPUs can run at under 1. We should expect overclocking to be limited by this, but then again it's not like that hasn't been an issue on Pascal and especially Turing with even the beefiest third-party cards still radically limited. NVIDIA seems to be playing it safe here with these rumors, but if they're well and truly wanting to stay ahead of their competitor in AMD and look down the horizon into Intel in 2Hmaybe power efficiency isn't such a good thing -- or allow them to be overclocked and use that power savings and convert it to insane horsepower.

Now the final bit: cost. Anthony is a long time PC enthusiast with a passion of hate for games built around consoles. FPS gaming since the pre-Quake days, where you were insulted if you used a mouse to aim, he has been addicted to gaming and hardware ever since.

Working in IT retail for 10 years gave him great experience with custom-built PCs.

Looking forward to Nvidia's RTX 3080 and the next generation 7nm GPUs

His addiction to GPU tech is unwavering. Video Cards. We may earn an affiliate commission. Newsletter Subscription.This meant the Ampere announcement was also delayed. In positive news about coronavirus, more gamers are at home, and more games are being played right now than pretty much ever before in the history of gaming. Kim also notes that NVIDIA's other core business -- data centers, is " also humming, with usage of internet services rising as more people work from home ".

This delayed the announcement, but things will get better as the months go on -- right through to September.

We should see a full ramp up through and into Septemberjust in time for Computex That's what Kim says in his article on Bloomberg even more interesting, where he adds: " So while NVIDIA is being rewarded for staying the course even as the coronavirus throws many other companies off track, it's what's not even baked in yet that may cheer investors the most ". Oh really now, Kim. Now Bloomberg is much more business-focused, so they're taking the business and hence, investor angle.

But for gamers? This is pretty crazy stuff right there. Starbucks have also implemented a new "to go" policy over the new social distancing push around the world. Xbox Live also went down for a few hourswhich I'm sure was because Microsoft servers were overloaded with countless gamers playing games because more and more people are forced to stay and work from home.

EA has joined the coronavirus panic as well, ushering in new work-from-home policies lasting through to April 1 and postponing all in-person live events for games like Apex Legends and the FIFA franchise.

Not even Batman is safe from coronaviruswith Warner Bros. Speaking of movies, the largest theater chain in the US -- AMC Theaters, has announced new social distancing methods of limiting theater attendance.

The Game Developers Conference will now be offering streamed conferences through Twitchover postponing the physical game industry related event over coronavirus fears. Apple has recently postponed an event over coronaviruswhere it was due to unveil new iPhones and a new iPad. Apple has just canceled an event where it was due to unveil a successor to the iPhone SE, and a new iPad, too.

Delivery start ups including Postmates have now got a " non-contact delivery option " for those who are worried about contracting coronavirus, too. Google has also ended all of its in-person job interviews for now over coronavirus fearsinstead shifting to a digital-only Hangouts meeting for future employees.

But don't worry, gamers You can read more on our coverage of coronavirus here. Anthony is a long time PC enthusiast with a passion of hate for games built around consoles. FPS gaming since the pre-Quake days, where you were insulted if you used a mouse to aim, he has been addicted to gaming and hardware ever since.

Working in IT retail for 10 years gave him great experience with custom-built PCs. His addiction to GPU tech is unwavering.

Video Cards.What does Nvidia have planned for the next round of graphics cards? The Turing architecture and series first launched with the RTX Ti in Septemberand this year brought us the Super refresh.

It doesn't take a GPU architect to know that Nvidia is already well into the design stages for the next generation post-Turing graphics cards, which will most likely be called Ampere. To be clear, Nvidia hasn't officially told anyone what the next-generation GPU will be called, though it mentioned Ampere in the past before Turing ever launched. And it's certainly not going to leak specs—anyone claiming to have specifications for the RTX is just making stuff up.

For the record, nearly every guess ended up being wrong. But even if we don't know the exact specs, looking at the underlying tech—in this case, TSMC's and Samsung's 7nm process technologies—we can get a good sense of what to expect. Let's start at the top, with the GPU cores. Nvidia GPUs build on each preceding generation.

Turing in many ways is like Pascal, with some extra stuff added into the mix. Pascal is like Maxwell, with extra stuff. Pascal also marked a pretty major transition from 28nm lithography to 16nm FinFET. This next transition is going to be most like the Maxwell to Pascal move, though, because it's not just about updating and tuning the architecture.

Back inwhen it became clear that the benefits of TSMC's 20nm lithography weren't that great, Nvidia reworked many aspects of its graphics architecture and released Maxwell. I don't expect a massive change in the underlying architecture, but the shift from 12nm to 7nm should pave the way for some big improvements. I also expect Nvidia to be a bit less ambitious on the pricing, as the RTX series by all accounts didn't sell as many units as Nvidia hoped.

The lack of interest from the cryptocurrency miners probably had a lot to do with that. Looking to AMD's 7nm parts, we can get a pretty good idea of how the 7nm process scales.

That's about 30 percent smaller, while it also packs in 6 percent more transistors. What does that mean for Nvidia? It would also use less power, or alternatively, it would use the same power and run at higher clockspeeds. More likely than a straight die shrink is that Nvidia will pack more 'stuff' into the next generation Ampere GPUs—more RT cores for ray tracing, more CUDA cores for general purpose graphics, and more Tensor cores for machine learning.

There will probably be some new tech to improve performance as well, because Nvidia tends to do that every generation.

Best guess right now: Nvidia will put percent more cores in each level of GPU hardware eg, so the will be sporting up to or maybe cores next round. The 7nm process will allow Nvidia to clock those cores percent higher as well, which means for the first time Nvidia could have GPUs consistently running at more than 2. And finally, even with the added cores and features, die sizes will end up smaller than the current Turing equivalents.

should i wait for rtx 3080

We could be looking at a generational performance improvement of percent or more for RTXwith a chip that's still 15 percent smaller than the RTX Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page.

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Wolfenstein: Youngblood Store Page. Global Achievements.

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So what should i do? If i dont buy then i will just play max settings p at fps or 40 fps. Showing 1 - 15 of comments. Honestly, just the one ti ought to set you for the next few years. Last edited by Deuterium the Sentient Mattress ; 14 Jun, pm. A and a isn't "monster" at all. Originally posted by Deuterium the Sentient Mattress :.

Snowblind View Profile View Posts. Your R7 will bottleneck even a Best work on the whole system rather than just gfx. Originally posted by Snowblind :. Originally posted by ruski turbo :.

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Don't debate me, I know my stuff and why I want it. I'm waiting the super.

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Carpediemsnuts View Profile View Posts. I'm waiting 10 months till Cyberpunk then i'll be getting whatever 7nm Ampere card Nvidia is flogging that can handle all of the above, which may end up being the next Titan or the ti who knows with their weird naming conventions!

I think you should rethink what you consider a 'monster', here's something to give you perspective. Mines not even that beefy compared to my next build plan.

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Intel vs AMD fanboying aside the is fine for the moment assuming you dont want max everything, but in some "monster" games like cyberpuk or halo remaster collection when they arrive next year i imagine you will have cpu bottlenecking with some setting.

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